Discover the summer outdoors!

As you know, the outdoors has a special place in our heart. That's why we stretch the days a little bit during the summer and stay open until 21:00. At Somer by Beekse Bergen, we provide plenty of scope for cosiness and good company. Literally, because where else can you eat and drink in an African atmosphere while overlooking the vast savannah? So, take your best friends along to our new Wanyama grill restaurant or our catering hotspots and taste that African summer at its best on our cosy plazas or just on the go!

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Discover your Somer
by Beekse Bergen
open until 21.00


Find your own path and embark on an adventure in our vast natural surroundings.



Go on safari on foot or in your own car and come face to face with wild animals. Or board one of our boats for a beautiful trip across the water.



Taste the African summer in our new Wanyama grill restaurant or at one of our catering hotspots. Relax on the terrace with an ice-cold beer or get a snack and a drink 'on the go'.

There’s something great awaiting you!

Somer by Beekse Bergen stands for 'happiness' in the summer sun', from early morning until late at night. Book your ticket(s) now and feel the African summer at its best!


Open from 10:00

Look the Big Five straight in the eye or get lost safely during an adventurous walk in our vast natural surroundings. Even the mini explorers will be amazed. 

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Open from 15:00

Go on holiday for an evening and taste the summer in an African mood. From a cold beer and a delicious African grill to Cape wine and fine vegetable dishes. Enjoy together to the full!

€ 19,50
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Savour the food, the view and the ambience

We have several packages in store for you! To make it a unique experience for everyone, the number of places is limited. So get there on time to avoid hungry stomachs. You can book your place at the table quickly and easily by using the buttons below. Don't want to plan anything yet? Then you can go to one of the cosy catering hotspots without booking.



Because we want to give all your senses a day out, eating at our park is an experience you won't want to miss. Indulge in a delicious set lunch in our renovated Wanyama grill restaurant and gaze out over the vast savannah. Pull up a chair and imagine yourself in another world.

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Get your group in an African mood during a set dinner in our new Wanyama grill restaurant. Our grill chefs prepare limitless amounts of the most delicious African meat, fish and vegetarian dishes on the spot. To finish off, they will serve you an ice-cream Piaggio dessert.

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You can make your summer day or night out an even more unforgettable African experience at our many thematic catering hotspots. Come along with your best friends, your whole family or your own close family and enjoy the food, the atmosphere, the unique view and each other.


  • •    From 1 July to 5 September this summer, Safaripark Beekse Bergen will be open until 21:00. But that's not all! Apart from the beautiful nature and the wild animals, we're giving it an extra touch this summer. For example, enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in the new Wanyama grill restaurant with a view of the animals. Relax with an ice-cold drink on the terrace or grab a bite on the go at one of the catering hotspots on the cosy plazas. From the Somer bar to 'fish & wine'. All of you will really be getting away from it all!
  • Real foodies should not miss this! Grill maestros will prepare the most delicious African dishes for you on the spot at the grill. As a supreme finale, you can indulge in a dessert from the ice-cream piaggio. You'll be looking out over the beautiful landscape and the animals at Beekse Bergen while the sun slowly sets and the lions start to roar. That's a great holiday, isn't it?
  • Our grill chefs like to be well prepared so that you have the best possible dining experience. This means that you need to make a reservation in advance. Not only for your entrance but also for your set lunch or dinner. There are plenty of restaurants in which to have a nice bite to eat and a drink for those who don't enjoy dining. You don't have to make a reservation for the park's catering hotspots.

Map out a route

Safaripark Beekse Bergen is full of great catering hotspots from 1 July to 5 September! In addition to the renovated Wanyama grill restaurant, you can also go to one of the cosy plazas to have some delicious snacks and drinks without having to make a reservation. From the Bakongo Fish & Wine Bar to the Somer bar. The map with all the hotspots will be available soon.

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Stay the night at Beekse Bergen

Enjoy the sultry African summer evenings even longer and stay the night at Safari Resort or Lake Resort Beekse Bergen. Wake up among the wild animals at the Safari Resort or by the vast Lake Victoria at the Lake Resort.

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