Advantages of the free FunCard

When you stay in a holiday home or tent at Holiday Park Beekse Bergen, you will receive the FunCard free of charge. The FunCard provides you with free Wi-Fi, unlimited access to 7 day attractions and a discount on many excursions in the surrounding area.

Are you coming for a camping holiday?

Are you planning to camp at Holiday Park Beekse Bergen, and would you like Wi-Fi and unlimited access to the above day attractions? If so, you can add the FunCard to your booking for a fee. As a camper, this card only allows free access to Speelland Beekse Bergen.

Cost of FunCard for campers   Booked in advance Bought on location
Stay from 1 to 7 nights €25 p.p. €30 p.p.
Stay from 8 to 14 nights €30 p.p. €35 p.p.
Stay from 15 to 21 nights €35 p.p. €40 p.p.
Stay from 22 to 28 nights €40 p.p. €45 p.p.

FunCard terms and conditions

  • The FunCard is non-transferable.
  • The FunCard is valid for your entire stay at the holiday park.
  • Any parking fees or exit tokens are not included in the FunCard.
  • You can only book the FunCard for those included in the booking.
  • Access to the 7 day attractions only applies if the park in question is open. For opening hours, see the website of the amusement park in question.