Carefree fun at the Holiday Park

Unfortunately, on Wednesday morning, 16 June, the Africa Club, where the restaurant, snack bar, swimming pool and supermarket were located, was struck by a fire. Because of this, we have set up temporary facilities for all guests of the Holiday Park so that you can still enjoy a wonderful holiday. View all temporary options and our frequently asked questions below.

What are the options?

Do you have any questions?

Latest update 13.09.2021 – 08:18 am.

What happened?
On Wednesday morning, 16 June, a fire broke out in the central building of Holiday Park Beekse Bergen.

What impact did the fire at Holiday Park Beekse Bergen have?
Demolition work is currently underway for the purposes of fully extinguishing the fire so that a start can be made on rebuilding the central building.

Were there any injuries and were the guests present at the holiday park in any danger?
No, guests were at no time in any danger. In addition, no substances were released, which meant that no additional measures had to be taken. Nor was evacuation necessary.

Are Safaripark Beekse Bergen and Speelland open?
Yes, the Safaripark and Speelland are open as usual.

Were any of the animals at the Safaripark affected by the fire?
No, no animals were affected by the fire. However, some animals were brought to their indoor enclosure as a precaution.

Which facilities are currently unavailable at the Holiday Park?
The Africa Club housed a restaurant, bar, swimming pool and supermarket. The goal is to arrange a temporary solution for this as soon as possible. A Mexican restaurant has been set up at Beekse Bergen Event Center where you can enjoy the tastiest dishes.

From Monday to Sunday it is possible to walk in or make a reservation between 17:30 and 18:00. From your start time you can enjoy the tastiest dishes for 2 hours. Reservations can be made through the Beekse Bergen app. The Event Center is a 20 minute walk from Africa Club or 5 minutes by car. You can park for free in the shared car park of Speelland and the Event Center.

In addition, guests at Holiday Park Beekse Bergen can temporarily use the facilities at Safari Resort Beekse Bergen (swimming pool excepted), as far as capacity allows due to the RIVM guidelines. We ask for your understanding. Guests at the Holiday Park can also visit the Safari Resort Market for food and care products.

Will there still be catering facilities?
Yes, from Thursday 17 June there will be various facilities. Even a Mexican restaurant has already been set up at Event Center Beekse Bergen. There is also a snack counter available.

Is there a shop?
Yes, for all your small groceries you can now go to our temporary supermarket. There is also a bread stall where you can get the tastiest sandwiches for your breakfast or lunch. You will find the supermarket and bread stall in the parking lot opposite the chip shop (across the street from the former Afrika Club).

Will there be any entertainment activities?
The entertainment programme will continue daily (from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm) and will take place on the sports field. The entertainment programme will continue throughout the summer, with numerous fun outdoor attractions such as an inflatable water slide, obstacle course and a climbing course.

Can I cancel my booking?
The regular cancellation and reservation conditions apply if you wish to cancel your booking.

Can my stay at Safari Resort Beekse Bergen still take place?
Safari Resort Beekse Bergen is located next to Holiday Park Beekse Bergen, so these are two separate parks, each with their own facilities. There was no fire at Safari Resort Beekse Bergen, so there will be no consequences for your stay and you can use all facilities. Have a look at the options during your stay at Safari Resort Beekse Bergen.

Can I swim in Lake Victoria at the Holiday Park or at Speelland?
Yes, a positive swimming advice has been issued for Lake Victoria. There are several sandy beaches at the holiday park. It is safe to swim between the sand and the rope boundary.

As a guest of Holiday Park Beekse Bergen, you also have unlimited access to Speelland Beekse Bergen. Speelland is located right next to the holiday park and is sure to guarantee a day of spectacular fun and exciting water shenanigans.

Is there an alternative to the indoor pool?
During your stay, you can go for two swims at  Laco Hilvarenbeek (indoor/competitive pool), or Stappegoor Recreational Pool (indoor and outdoor pool with slides and rapids). You will receive a voucher for this when you check in. Reservations are only necessary at Stappegoor Recreational Pool. More information can be found on the respective websites.In addition, you can, of course, also enjoy unlimited swimming fun at the beach at Speelland Beekse Bergen!

What is the status of utilities such as electricity, water, etc.?
Utilities (electricity, water and gas) and cable/internet have already been sorted out. In the unlikely event you experience any issues, you can drop by the Holiday Park Beekse Bergen reception desk.

What to do in the event of health issues?
Guests are advised to contact the GGD or your own GP in the event of physchological or physical issues.