Roadburn Festival

Stay the night at Beekse Bergen during Roadburn Festival

Beekse Bergen is situated a stone’s throw away from Tilburg and is therefore a perfect location to spend the night during Roadburn Festival. With various comfortable accommodations at Holiday Park Beekse Bergen and Safari Resort Beekse Bergen, you will always end your day perfectly.

Shuttle bus to Roadburn Festival

There will be a private shuttle bus running between Beekse Bergen and Raodburn Festival. This bus will take you from Roadburn Festival to Beekse Bergen and vice versa in 15 minutes. 

You can use this shuttle bus for a small fee, payable on board the bus. 

Parking at Beekse Bergen

At the Safari Resort as well as at the holiday park you can park your car for free. In Holiday Park Beekse Bergen you can park one car at the accommodation. In the Safari Resort you can park your car in the parking lots.

Map of the holiday park map of the Safari Resort

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Below you will find a list of the accommodations of both Safari Resort Beekse Bergen and Holiday Park Beekse Bergen. Use the filters below to tailor the accommodations to your preference.



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