Safaripark Game Drive giraf Beekse Bergen Savanne

Game Drive (for Safaripark guests)

Go on an adventure with a ranger during the Gamedrive. Explore the habitat of our animals. Board an open Land Cruiser and admire the wildlife on the vast savannas. You don't get any closer!

This activity is specially organized for visitors to the Safari Park.

  • Safaripark, Boarding point 2
  • 3+ years old
  • Variable
  • From 1 person
  • Duration 45 minutes
  • Open all week
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Come face to face with the wild animals!

Make your visit to the Safari Park extra special with the Game Drive. Step into the open Land Cruiser with the ranger and other day visitors and come face to face with the wildlife. Along the way, the ranger will tell you everything about the savannas and the animals.

Safaripark beekse bergen gamedrive kinderen ranger

Face to face with wild animals

During the Game Drive you will get to know giraffes, wildebeest, black horse antelope and more wildlife up close with an open Land Cruiser.

  • Participation in the Gamedrive is possible if you come to visit the Safari Park. View current availability.

  • The minimum age is 3 years and 10 people can join on Gamedrive. Children must be able to sit independently in a seat belt with a parent next to them.

  • 3 persons per bench, persons from the same family must sit next to each other (with the exception of children under 12 years).

  • The Game Drive lasts approximately 45 minutes.