Stay at the Safari Resort

Sleep literally among the wildlife at Safari Resort Beekse Bergen. Become one with nature. Get away from it all. Go on safari, relax by the pool, or simply do nothing at all. This is a unique experience for the whole family.

Wake up with a view of the savanna

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Face to face with unique animal species

  • Nubian giraffes
  • Net giraffes
  • Black rhinoceroses
  • White rhinoceroses
  • Wildebeest
  • Zebu
  • Ankole-Watusi cows
  • Dromedaries
  • Ostriches
  • Eland Antelopes
  • Lions
  • Zebras

Unique accommodations

Experience the ultimate safari feeling in luxury safari tents, enjoy stunning views over the plains from your adventurous tree house, or opt for extra luxury in a detached lodge. All accommodations provides views of unique animals.

Savannahs and the lion plain

All accommodations are spread between two huge savannahs and a lion plain. Give your preference while booking and wake up to a roaring lion or enjoy your breakfast surrounded by curious giraffes!


Discover the accommodations


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Extra enjoyment during your stay

  • Enjoy peace and quiet due to our car policy
  • Free admission to the Safari Park and Speelland
  • Two extensive savannahs and a lion plain