Sleep surrounded by wild animals

Wake up among the wild animals

At the Safari Resort you will spend the night in the heart of the savannah. Fall asleep among the wild animals and wake up with a beautiful view over the savannas. Relax in the swimming pool or enjoy a delicious meal in restaurant Moto. At the Safari Resort you will find everything for an adventurous stay!

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Explore the Safari Resort

  • Spend the night on different savannahs full of wildlife
  • Experience water fun in swimming pool Maji Springs
  • Come and enjoy culinary delights in restaurant Moto
  • Go on an adventure with the Rangers at the Ranger Basecamp
  • Always all-in prices, no additional costs
  • The Safari Resort is completely sustainable
  • Unlimited access to Safari Park, Speelland, Dierenrijk and ZooParc

View of wild animals 

  • Serengeti savannah: giraffes, zebras, dromedaries and white rhinos 
  • Masai Mara savannah: giraffes, zebras, ostriches and eland antelopes 
  • Ngorongoro savannah: giraffes, zebras and African buffalo 
  • Simbara West and East: lions 
  • Bahari Beach: seals 
  • Wongo Savannah at Safari Hotel: giraffes, zebras, ostriches, white rhinos, Watussi cattle and sable antelopes 

Extra enjoyment during your stay