Download the unique Beekse Bergen app

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Make the most of your adventure with the Beekse Bergen app! Do you fancy a day of fun at the Safari Park or Speelland? Or perhaps you want to prolong your safari experience with an overnight stay at the Safari Resort or Lake Resort Beekse Bergen? The Beekse Bergen app is the smart guide for your visit!

Make the most of your adventure with the Beekse Bergen app! Plan your route using the map, discover everything about the animals in the Safari Park, view the Speelland attractions and check the current opening hours of all facilities. Are you curious about the Lake Resort or the Safari Resort? Or would you like to book some extras? You can do this with the app!

Why download the app?

Because it’s lots of fun! And not just that, it’s also super useful. 

You can spot all of the animals in the Safari Park with the app, too. When you spot an animal during your safari, Simply take a picture of it with your smartphone and the app will tell you which species it is! Can you spot all the animal species?
The app also features a new audio tour to accompany your car safari. It’s almost as if there’s a ranger in the back seat telling you everything about the animals you encounter along the way!