Parkregulations Lake Resort Beekse Bergen

Article 1. Applicability

1.1. When entering Lake Resort Beekse Bergen and/or using any facilities and services that are operated by Lake Resort Beekse Bergen, you accept the applicability of the present regulations and are obliged to follow the rules and any instructions given by employees of Lake Resort Beekse Bergen strictly. In these regulations, ‘Lake Resort Beekse Bergen’ and ‘the park’ also include the catering facilities, the outdoor area, the indoor swimming pool, the indoor playground, the car park, the bicycle parking and the water features.
1.2. For all cases and/or situations not covered by these regulations, Lake Resort Beekse Bergen reserves the right to impose additional verbal and/or written rules to which guests are bound.

Article 2. Admission and stay

2.1. It is not permitted to be present in the park without a valid admission ticket and/or without having signed in at the reception, with the exception of day visitors who are not staying overnight. Day visitors must leave the park before 22:30. Day visitors and/or overnight guests may not bring any pets with them. If you do not make use of the automatic arrival, you must report to the reception upon arrival at the park.
2.2. All visitors may be asked for proof of identity upon request. If you are not yet in possession of the attraction/access pass, you should report to guest services. The attraction pass/access pass gives you free unlimited access to Libéma's amusement parks and indoor swimming pool during your stay.
2.3. All guests staying overnight at the accommodation must be signed in when making the reservation. If you wish to receive an overnight guest during your stay, you must sign in this guest at reception and pay the extra rate and local taxes per person per stay in advance.
2.4. Lake Resort Beekse Bergen reserves the right to change the layout and opening hours of the facilities and/or the accommodations of Lake Resort Beekse Bergen. Lake Resort Beekse Bergen reserves the right to carry out necessary maintenance on the accommodation and/or other facilities during the stay without being liable for any compensation.
2.5. It is prohibited to swim or do any other kind of water sport or recreational activity in the water features in the park.
2.6. Lake Resort Beekse Bergen is authorised to close part(s) of the park without being obliged to compensate its guests.

Article 3. Safety and liability

3.1. A visit to Lake Resort Beekse Bergen is entirely at your own risk. Our guests must behave properly and must not cause any nuisance to others whatsoever. To this end, they must in any case comply with the RECRON Terms and Conditions and these rules of conduct. Criminal acts will be reported to the police.
3.2 Lake Resort Beekse Bergen is entitled to deny access to the park to guests and/or day visitors whom it believes or fears will disrupt order, peace and/or safety within the park, without being liable for any compensation. If a guest fails to vacate the accommodation or pitch on time, it will be cleared out by Lake Resort Beekse Bergen at the risk and expense of the renter. This also applies if camping equipment is set up incorrectly.
3.3 The guest is responsible and liable for the behaviour of, and any injury and/or damage to persons and/or property belonging to our park and/or third parties caused by him/her, his/her travel companions, day visitors and/or overnight visitors. Day visitors and/or guests who act unlawfully in relation to (employees of) the park and/or who cause damage to park property will be held liable for this, and any damage will be recovered from them.
3.4. Within Lake Resort Beekse Bergen, it is not permitted to: a. enter attractions or facilities that are not open to the public at that time; b. be in possession of weapons or other objects deemed dangerous by the management of Lake Resort Beekse Bergen.The management of Lake Resort Beekse Bergen reserves the right to confiscate these items and to call in the police; d. to set off fireworks; e. to fondue and use a gourmet set in the accommodations and tents.
3.5. Swimming is only permitted in the designated areas. Children up to the age of 10 are only allowed to enter the indoor swimming pool and the designated swimming locations of Lake Victoria when accompanied and supervised by an adult (at least 18 years old and in the possession of a swimming certificate). Children without a valid swimming certificate are obliged to wear flotation devices and must be supervised by an adult (at least 18 years old and in the possession of a swimming certificate) at all times. Safety rules are displayed at the swimming pool, the designated swimming locations of Lake Victoria and the various attractions. These rules must be strictly observed.
3.6. Within the park, you may approach the park animals. Please note that the animals may display unpredictable behaviour which may cause injury or damage to you or your possessions. By entering the park, you accept this risk. Feeding the animals is strictly prohibited.
3.7. Lake Resort Beekse Bergen accepts no liability for personal injury and/or theft, loss or damage to property of its visitors of whatever nature arising during and/or as a result of a stay at Lake Resort Beekse Bergen and/or the rental/ the use of the accommodation and/or other facilities, a visit to the park (such as injury or damage caused by the animals present in the park or arising during use of the playground equipment and attractions in the park or entering the swimming pool and/or the designated swimming locations of Lake Victoria), except as a result of intent or deliberate recklessness by (the management of) Lake Resort Beekse Bergen or (one of) its employees.
3.8. Lake Resort Beekse Bergen is not liable for interruptions to its service provision or deficiencies in the services provided by third parties.
3.9. Lake Resort Beekse Bergen is not liable for consequential damages, including business interruption and loss of income. Lake Resort Beekse Bergen further accepts no liability for damage for which a right to compensation exists under a travel and/or cancellation insurance or any other insurance and/or scheme. Insofar as Lake Resort Beekse Bergen does not appeal to said limitation of liability, it shall be liable for the amount paid out under the liability insurance in the relevant case, supplemented by the amount of its deductible.

Article 4. Image and/or sound recordings

4.1. Lake Resort Beekse Bergen is entitled to make or have someone make image and/or sound recordings of its park and of the guests present in and around the park. Lake Resort Beekse Bergen and its affiliated companies are entitled to use and publish these recordings for promotional purposes, for instance. It goes without saying that Lake Resort Beekse Bergen and its affiliated companies will exercise the necessary care in this respect. Lake Resort Beekse Bergen and its affiliated companies are not obliged to pay any compensation for the use or the publication of the recordings to the persons depicted therein. If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed, please avoid the locations where a filmmaker, film crew and/or photographer are working.
4.2. It is not permitted to make sound, photo and/or film recordings or other images for commercial purposes at the park, unless written permission has been obtained beforehand from the General Manager of Lake Resort Beekse Bergen.

Article 5. Accommodations and pitches

5.1. The number of guests that are allowed to stay in the accommodations may not exceed that specified on the website or described on the website for the accommodation in question.
5.2. The guests (including the day visitors and overnight guests for this provision) are jointly and severally liable for the orderly state of affairs in and around the rented accommodation or elsewhere within the grounds of Lake Resort Beekse Bergen, the use of the accommodation, and the equipment and inventory it contains. Furthermore, the guests will at all times be jointly and severally liable for damage as a result of breakage of and/or loss of and/or damage to the inventory and/or accommodation. Any damage must be reported to the Lake Resort Beekse Bergen reception immediately and must be paid for immediately on the spot, unless the guest can prove that the damage is not attributable to him/her or the other guests.
5.3. Accommodations and covered facilities of Lake Resort Beekse Bergen are smoke-free and smoking at these locations is strictly prohibited.
5.4. The standard tourist camping rate for a pitch includes: two people, setting up one camping unit (caravan/folding camper/tent), one small added tent (max. 5 m²) and one car (if possible in the opinion of the management of Lake Resort Beekse Bergen). You must pay a rate per person and tourist tax for additional people. Caravans/campers with a double axle are not permitted in the park.
5.5. It is not permitted to set up (extra) camping equipment at any of the rental accommodations.
5.6. A maximum of one car may be parked at the rental accommodation. Four cars may be parked at the group bungalows. Any extra car can be parked in the car park next to the entrance of the Lake Resort. If your licence plate number is registered, the barriers at this car park will automatically open for you.  Parking on or along the roads is not permitted. Vehicles parked outside the locations indicated will be removed at the expense and risk of the owner. A tow-away scheme is in force within the park. Lake Resort Beekse Bergen is not liable for theft and/or damage to the cars parked in a Lake Resort Beekse Bergen car park.
5.7. Trailers, boats and similar equipment cannot be parked on the pitches or at the rental accommodations.
5.8. The barriers at Lake Resort will automatically open for you if your licence plate number is registered. The barriers close very quickly. The barrier can be operated from 07:00 to 23:30. In case of abuse, misbehaviour and or payment problems, your badge will be removed from the system by reception.
5.9. Cars must be used as little as possible in the park. A maximum speed limit of 20 km per hour applies within the park. Motorised traffic is not permitted in the park after 23:30. Guests who wish to leave the park before 07:00 must park their car in car park outside the barriers the evening before.
5.10. Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters are only permitted in the park with their engine turned off. Sailing on Lake Victoria is permitted in boats with engines of up to 6 hp, whereby all passengers are obliged to wear life jackets.
5.11. Freight traffic is not permitted in the park without the prior consent of the management of Lake Resort Beekse Bergen.
5.12. If the management of Lake Resort Beekse Bergen believes site conditions to be unsuitable (due to exceptionally heavy rain, for instance), it reserves the right not to allow motorised vehicles onto the site.
5.13. The use of sound equipment is permitted from 07:30 - 22:30, provided that this is not causing any nuisance (this at the discretion of Lake Resort Beekse Bergen). Between 22:30 - 07:30, it must be quiet in the park so that all guests can sleep undisturbed. It is strictly prohibited to place sound equipment outside the accommodation or to turn the volume up so high that nuisance is caused to other guests of Lake Resort Beekse Bergen, this at the discretion of Lake Resort Beekse Bergen. In the event that a nuisance is found to have been caused and you fail to follow the instructions of the staff, Lake Resort Beekse Bergen is entitled to remove you and any other guests from the park immediately, without restitution of the rental sum or part thereof and/or without any right to any other form of compensation.
5.14. Pets are not permitted in the rental accommodations. There are various holiday homes, however, where one pet is allowed. On the pitches, pets (maximum of one pet per pitch) are only permitted on the camping fields indicated for this. Pets must be on a lead at all times and taken for a walk outside the Beekse Bergen site or at the dog toilet. Pets are not permitted at the catering facilities, the swimming pool and Lake Victoria Day visitors and/or overnight guests are not allowed to bring any pets with them.
5.15. The toilet facilities in the park are regularly cleaned and disinfected, which might mean waiting times. Children aged under 10 may only enter the toilet facilities under the supervision of an adult.
5.16. The water provided is only intended for domestic use. The tap points on the site are only intended for obtaining drinking water. Disposing of waste water in the strip planting is not permitted. Waste water must be deposited in the place intended for this in the toilet facilities. It is not permitted to wash cars or caravans in the park.
5.17. The rental accommodations, pitches and surrounding area must be kept clean. Trees, shrubs, lawns and other objects must not be damaged.
5.18. You must deposit your household waste in sealed refuse bags in the containers that are located in the recycling centre, where there are also glass and paper containers. You can hand batteries in at the reception. In the case of illegal waste disposal, this will be reported to the police and the renter concerned will be denied further access to the park. The costs of cleaning this waste will be recouped from the offender.
5.19. Open fire is prohibited at all times. Barbecuing on the pitches and at the rental accommodations is only permitted in accordance with the instructions of the park management.
5.20. It is not permitted to attach ropes between or in combination with trees and/or other plants (for drying laundry, for example).
5.21. Before departure, the renter must clean all crockery and put it back in the drawers and cupboards where it belongs. The dishwasher must be clean and empty when the renter leaves the accommodation.
5.22. If the rental accommodation is left behind in an improper condition, or in the case of excessive soiling of and/or damage to the accommodation and/or the goods in it, and/or soiling of and/or damage to the grounds/surrounding area of the park, Lake Resort Beekse Bergen will charge the guest for the damage directly, which must be paid immediately.
5.23. The guest must leave the accommodation clean and tidy (therefore no dirty dishes, cleaning the refrigerator and placing the refuse bag in the container).
5.24. For heating and/or cooking on the campsite, it is strictly prohibited to use fuels other than butane or propane gas stored in approved tanks and/or canisters. A maximum of two canisters and/or one tank with a total maximum content of 60 litres is permitted per pitch.
5.25. Use of drones is not permitted at Lake Resort Beekse Bergen in connection with safety and protection of privacy.
5.26. Fishing in Lake Victoria is permitted, provided that no nuisance is caused to fellow guests. Fishing from spots situated between the accommodations and from the beaches is not permitted. An exception to this is if your own accommodation is situated next to the water. Fishing in the Wilhelmina Canal is permitted in the part of the canal that borders the grounds of Beekse Bergen. A Dutch National Fishing Licence is required. Written permission from the KEHV de Ruischvoorn angling association is also required for fishing in the Wilhelmina Canal, which guests can obtain free of charge at the rental desk/ info café and from the reception of the Lake Resort.
5.27. The Lake Resort provides free WiFi. Lake Resort Beekse Bergen is not liable for any disruptions to or inability to receive WiFi.

Artikel 6. Reklamationen und ergänzende Regeln

6.1. Wenn Sie trotz aller Bemühungen der Mitarbeiter des Lake Resorts Beekse Bergen, Ihnen den Aufenthalt hier so angenehm wie möglich zu machen, eine Reklamation einreichen wollen, können Sie dazu ein an der Rezeption erhältliches Formular verwenden.
6.2. In allen Fällen, die nicht in den niederländischen RECRON-Geschäftsbedingungen und/oder in dieser Parkordnung geregelt sind, ist der Lake Resort Beekse Bergen berechtigt, weitere Regelungen zu erlassen, zu deren Einhaltung alle Gäste verpflichtet sind. Bei einem Widerspruch zwischen den Regelungen in den RECRON-Geschäftsbedingungen und in dieser Parkordnung hat die Parkordnung Vorrang.
6.3. Gewerbliche Aktivitäten gleich welcher Art sind im Park nicht gestattet. Das Anbringen von Plakaten und anderen Hinweisen ist nicht gestattet.
6.4. Alle Gäste sind zur Einhaltung der vom Lake Resort Beekse Bergen erlassenen Parkordnung und der Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen verpflichtet. Die Parkordnung ist bei Ankunft auf Anfrage bei der Rezeption erhältlich. Wenn Sie und/oder Ihre Gäste sich auf dem Gelände eines anderen Parks von Libéma aufhalten, gelten dort die Bedingungen des betreffenden Parks. Diese Bedingungen sind kostenlos bei der Rezeption erhältlich.
6.5. Bei einem Verstoß gegen die Parkordnung und/oder bei Nichtbeachtung der Weisungen der Mitarbeiter ist der Lake Resort Beekse Bergen berechtigt, sich Zugang zu der gemieteten Unterkunft zu verschaffen bzw. Sie und jeden anderen Gast sofort aus dem Park zu verweisen, ohne dass ein Anspruch Rückerstattung der Miete oder eines Teils davon oder auf eine andere Entschädigung entsteht.
6.6. Offensichtliche Druck- und Satzfehler sind für den Lake Resort Beekse Bergen nicht bindend. Mit dieser Parkordnung verlieren alle bisherigen Veröffentlichungen ihre Gültigkeit. Die Unwirksamkeit und/oder Nichtigkeit einzelner Bestimmungen dieser Parkordnung (oder von Teilen davon) lässt die Gültigkeit der übrigen Bestimmungen dieser Parkordnung (oder von Teilen davon) unberührt. Änderungen und Ergänzungen des Vertrages und/oder der Parkordnung bedürfen zu ihrer Wirksamkeit der Schriftform. Auf das Rechtsverhältnis zwischen den Parteien (und damit auch auf die vorliegende Parkordnung) findet ausschließlich niederländisches Recht Anwendung.
6.7. Besteht bei dem Lake Resort Beekse Bergen der dringende Verdacht, dass von einer Unterkunft aus gegen gesetzliche Vorschriften und/oder die öffentliche Ordnung und/oder die guten Sitten verstoßen wird, ist der Lake Resort Beekse Bergen berechtigt, Ihnen den Zutritt zum Park und zu der Unterkunft zu untersagen.
6.8. Höhere Gewalt auf Seiten des Lake Resorts Beekse Bergen liegt vor, wenn die Durchführung des Vertrags ganz oder teilweise bzw. vorübergehend durch Umstände verhindert wird, die außerhalb des Einflussbereichs des Lake Resorts Beekse Bergen liegen, insbesondere durch Kriegsgefahr, (Mitarbeiter-)Streiks, Blockaden, Feuer, Pandemie, Überschwemmungen und andere Störungen oder Ereignisse.
6.9. Sie sind selbst dafür verantwortlich, dass Sie im Besitz der für Ihr Reiseziel erforderlichen gültigen Reisedokumente sind. Der Lake Resort Beekse Bergen haftet nicht für die Folgen, die sich für Personen ergeben, die nicht über ordnungsgemäße Reisedokumente verfügen.