Enjoy a bit of fishing at a special Fishing Spot

  • 2 persons
  • 10 m²
  • free use of sanitary facilities

At Lake Resort Beekse Bergen, you can enjoy a delightful fishing holiday by the waterside. Lake Resort is renowned for the large Lake Victoria, which is directly connected to the Wilhelmina Channel. As a guest of the Lake Resort, you can fish as much as you want, provided you possess a fishing permit. The lake’s population of white and predatory fish consists of bream, minnow, golden orfe, large carp, pike, perch and eel. You are, however, not allowed to keep your catch.

Fishing Spot facilities

Lake Resort Beekse Bergen’s special Fishing Spots are approximately 10 m2 in size and are suitable for a max. of two people. Please be sure to bring your own fishing tent. Night fishing is permitted at the Fishing Spots all year round. In addition, you can use the sanitary facilities free of charge.

Please note that there is no Wi-Fi at the Fishing Spots and the sanitary facilities are located at a considerable distance.

Fishing from your holiday home or a separate Fishing Spot

Lake Resort Beekse Bergen also has a number of Jungalows on Lake Victoria that cater to fishing. You can obviously also opt for other accommodations within walking distance of Lake Victoria and book a separate Fishing Spot.

Fishing regulations

Enjoy the facilities of the Holiday Park