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Repeat stay discount at Beekse Bergen

Hopefully, you’re looking back on an enjoyable holiday. If you’re already missing the animals in your back garden, come back to Safari Resort Safari Hotel or Lake Resort Beekse Bergen within a year, and receive up tot 25% repeat stay discount! View the participating accommodations, plus availability, below.

Repeat stay discount conditions

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  • The repeat discount is valid at the same park if you have already stayed once in the past 3 months and is not valid for a new stay at one of Libéma's other vacation parks.
  • Only applies if the booking is made within three months of departure, with arrival within one year.
  • Not applicable to reservations longer than 14 days.
  • Not applicable in combination with other special offers.
  • If you stayed in one accommodation during your previous stay and you book two in your new reservation, the discount only applies to one of them.
  • You can redeem your personal voucher code once. The discount will be applied immediately after verification. You redeem your voucher code immediately when placing a (provisional) reservation.
  • If you have received an email promising a "repeating visitor" discount, but that e-mail didn't contain a voucher code, please contact our Contact Center
  • The promotion is not valid on all arrival dates and accommodation types. After entering your voucher code, you will see the available accommodations and dates below.



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