Spelen in binnenspeeltuin Kodidi Ground

Entertainment Kodidi Ground Lake Resort

Kodidi Ground

The Rangers organize the best activities every day, so you will never be bored at Lake Resort Beekse Bergen. Are you going on an adventure in our nature? Below you will find the activity calender of the Rangers, in which they keep track of exactly what is being organized at the Lake Resort. Take a quick look at what there is to do when you visit us.

The Rangers are located at Kodidi Ground in Ganvie Village. For activities, we always gather at Kodidi Ground, unless otherwise stated.

  • Lake Resort, Kodidi Ground
  • 3+ years old
  • Varies
  • From 1 person
  • Open all week

Come and play in the indoor playground Kodidi Ground

Do you want to be able to climb and clamber just as well as the monkeys in the Safari Park? Also discover in Kodidi Ground our large indoor playground with cool climbing equipment! Work on your climbing and clambering skills by climbing up several steps and walkways like a monkey. And then you slide down the slide as fast as a snake.

Played out in the playground? Played out in the playground? Download the new Beekse Bergen app here and view the current animation programme.