Follow the construction of the Safari Hotel

In the spring of 2023, Beekse Bergen will open a new special accommodation. In the Safari Hotel, located next to the Safari Resort, you will spend the night in the heart of the savannah. Wake up in African atmospheres, watch the sun rise over the savannah and have breakfast at the same time as the zebras and giraffes.

In the Safari Hotel you will soon find:

  • 112 luxury hotel rooms - Savanne Rooms & Suites - for 2 to 7 people
  • The Savanne Rooms & Suites are spread over 15 small-scale African-style lodges, each with a maximum of 8 hotel rooms.
  • Center building Hogon House with the restaurants Nommos, Amma and Hogon Bar & Lounge and a large drinks terrace
  • A spacious stable for giraffes, zebras, rhinos, ostriches, Watussi cattle and Sable antelope

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Frequently Asked Questions

Safari Resort Beekse Bergen is expanding. New accommodations are being built at the Safari Resort containing luxury holiday apartments with hotel service. The apartments will be located around a new savanna, for which new stables will also be built. In addition, we are realizing a new central building that includes two restaurants, lounge, bar and function rooms for meetings or private dinners.

A new savanna is being built at the Safari Resort, along with additional overnight accommodation. You may experience noise and road diversions.  

Your stay can certainly go ahead. The construction work will not affect the facilities of the Safari Resort and Safaripark Beekse Bergen. These will be open as normal. 

On weekdays between 07:00 and 20:00 and between 09:00 and 17:00 on weekends. The times may need to be adjusted on some days due to various circumstances such as weather. 

No, no construction traffic will drive directly past the accommodations. There will be construction traffic within the construction area only. 

The construction project has been cordoned off due to security measures and is therefore not open to guests.

The animals can still be seen on the savannas. This will not be affected by the work.  

The work will not affect the animals’ welfare in any way. We will monitor the animals closely.

All the accommodations can be reached via the normal roads. For your safety, the construction site has been hermetically sealed. 

Parking is permitted in the central parking areas. 

The work will not affect the facilities of the Safari Resort. Everything will be open as normal. 

The area is suitable for the disabled, the roads are semi-paved.

Accommodations 100 through 107, 202 through 232, 250 through 258, and 360 through 374 are in the vicinity of the work. Guests in these accommodations might be inconvenienced by construction activities and/or noise. 

If you didn’t book with a preference, you will receive an email with the final number of your accommodation three days before arrival. 

The observation posts at Simbara West and Serengeti are accessible.