Coronavirus update


Coronavirus update (COVID-19) 

Latest update 12.07.2021 – 13:25 am.

There are currently many questions related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Our employees do everything to provide everyone with an answer. It can happen that the waiting times for telephone and e-mail are longer than you are normally used to from us. That is why we try to update the current guidelines every day on this frequently asked questions page.

Arrangements, activities or events (business or private) for several people can take limited place again.

For questions about private arrangements, activities and/or events, please contact us via 088-9000360 or For business events you can contact Please take into account a longer processing time, for which we apologize.

Is your question not listed?

You can always ask your questions by telephone or by email (088-9000360 or Only do this if absolutely necessary. Please allow longer processing time, for which we apologize.